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Preferred Candidates

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In today’s labor shortage of qualified hardworking, motivated employees we excel in providing candidates that are fully vetted and are ready for an opportunity to prove themselves in the marketplace.

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Get Highly Motivated Candidates

Our “Preferred” job candidates have undergone a thorough vetting process and are ready to work, completed our Motivational Attitude Assessment, Work Readiness Assessment, and are participating in WorkNet (a peer support program) and/or have a one-on-one mentor. REnet is a nonprofit supported by charitable donations and we do not charge a fee for referring our candidates.

Our “Objective” is to match great employer partners with motivated, equipped, and supported employees. We want to know about your employment opportunities, expectations and we are committed to only submitting qualified candidates that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our pool of candidates is sourced from individuals previously incarcerated or who have successfully completed chemical addiction treatment and are in the reentry or post-reentry phase of transition to work and career. These are not off the street applicants that you do not know their motivation, and history but are transparent, motivated, and vetted candidates. If you want motivated candidates, we are your FREE resource!

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